3D Animation workshop – Vancouver Film School

Attended a 2-day workshop organized by the Vancouver Film School, Canada at M.O.P Vaishnav College, Chennai. The workshop was a hands-on┬átraining experience on Autodesk Maya. Mike Monks and Mike Hayes from the Vancouver Film school were the ones that trained the team on Maya and can I add that any workshop wouldn’t have been better than this one.




One among us

Making a documentary is no joke. The past month I started working on the documentary with working title ‘One among us’, a 15 minute documentary on how Transgenders have gained identity in the society through learning the art form bharathanatyam. The six month journey of producing this documentary has lead me to meet new people and their perspectives.

Ponni, trained and talented bharatanatyam dancer who has been training the slum children who are interested in learning the classical art of bharatanatyam and gets paid according to the social standard of the student and doesnt demand a penny. In her words she says “I am much more proud to address myself as a classically trained bharatanatyam dancer in this society, this frames my identity”. Anjali is also one such dancer who now teaches the slum students with Ponni.

This documentary has given a soul stirring insight on not only the plight of transgenders in the society but also to what extent they have surpassed the obstacles and risen above. We met a transgender lawyer, dancer, host for this documentary. Me and my team travelled to Chidambaram to also shoot at the Natyanjali festival, 2015.